Coeur operates Wharf Mine, an open pit, cyanide leach mine near Lead, SD. When this mine opened in 1982, the company that operated it projected they would mine for 4-5 years. Now, the mine covers over 5000 acres and can be seen from space, and Coeur continues to expand.

Cyanide leach pads at Wharf. The company digs rock containing gold out of the ground, piles it here, and runs cyanide solution through the rock. Cyanide is a highly toxic chemical. (Magpie Buffalo Organizing)
Wharf map (Coeur)

In late 2020, Coeur announced plans to explore in the Portland Ridgeline area.

In 2019, Coeur began exploring to expand their operations into the former Richmond Hill Mine area. Richmond Hill was shut down in 1993 because of acid rock drainage – the same problem at Gilt Edge Superfund.

These explorations are an attempt to extend Wharf’s life further.

Wharf 2019 Richmond Hill Area exploration (Coeur)
Dump truck at Wharf (Magpie Buffalo Organizing)